Who we are...
Christian Life Fellowship Church sees itself as a hospital for souls and a school for learning in righteousness.

Our aim is to touch lives for God's glory and impart love, acceptance, and forgiveness to all.

Being a Christian is the greatest joy, blessing, and honor given to every human from God and He gave Jesus to seal that reality.

We, the family of Christian Life Fellowship Church invite you to partake of the Christian Life with us!
204 Conner Rd.
Cobbtown, GA 30420
Email: clfcobbtown@gmail.com
(912) 237-2314
Service time
Sunday's - 10:30AM
Christian Life Fellowship Church
Deacon - Raul Manrique
Deacon - Richard Newman

We are dedicated to teach and reach the world with the gospel and expand the Kingdom through quality Bible education.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color national or ethical origin.

We teach the uncompromising word of God with humility and fear.

We emphasize the importance of intellectual and spiritual growth, to equip all students to be able to live and express Biblical truth effectively in the contemporary world.
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