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Christian Life
       School of Ministry

The Christian Life School of Ministry was founded by Dr. Murl Edward Gwynn to help Christians understand the beauty and magnificence of the Christian faith.

Dr. Gwynn found that many Christians, although they believed in and loved the Lord seem to miss the great truths in the Word of God that speaks of their Lord.

Dr. Gwynn found that when it came to practicing Christian truths many saints fell short in their understanding in how those truths should be walked out. The application of God's Word was lacking and the understanding of many scriptural benefits was totally overlooked.

The Christian Life School of Ministry draws from Dr. Gwynn's forty two years of ministry as an Elder, Pastor, Mission Founder, Writer, Teacher, Business Man, Retired soldier, Husband, Father, and Grandfather.

Each class is taught by Dr. Gwynn and entails twice month evening classes for two hours. Each topic of instructions consist of lectures, sharing, life lessons, student participation, and subject tests.

Students who may be ordained are required to maintain a monthly journal, read and report on three books, and participate at the students pace with what we call "Cold Turkey Evangelism".

The School of Ministry is open to any Christian desiring a deeper walk with God and willing to walk in the truth of God's Word.
There is a nominal fee for the classes.

What about ordination?
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