Class flow
Each class is taught by Dr. Gwynn and entails twice month evening classes for two hours. Each topic of instructions consist of lectures, sharing, life lessons, student participation, and subject tests.

Students who may be ordained are required to maintain a monthly journal, read and report on three books, and participate at the students pace with what we call "Cold Turkey Evangelism".
The cost of the Christian Life School of Ministry is very nominal.

All text, books, study material and handouts are covered by the tuition price, per month of:
  Individual: $30.00
  Married couples: $55.00
  Students who may be ordained: $35.00
  Couple who may be ordained: $65.00

Neither Male nor Female
The Four C's of Leadership
The Leader's Anointing
Elders, Pastor, & Deacons
Spiritual Gifts
Fruit of the Spirit
Blessed to Bless
Establishing Roots

Subjects Taught
Each student is required to bring to class Bible, note paper, pen or pencil, a willingness to share, and an attitude of grace with an open mind for God's input!
Students responibility

Christian Life
       School of Ministry

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