Christian Life
       School of Ministry

It is very important that individuals seeking ordination understand
the responsibility that comes with being ordained.

First, ordination is not something any human originates themselves, ordination starts with God and then that ordination is recognized by man.
Second, ordination is not about a piece of paper which states one is ordained; it is about a calling on one’s life. If others do not recognize your calling then a piece of paper means nothing.

Third, completing a course or class without the calling of God on one’s life serves no purpose accept to strengthen one’s understanding, education, and depth of biblical truth. It is for that reason that your pastor, mentor, or other spiritual adviser be very involved with the possibility of you being ordained.

Fourth, the calling of God and ordination is about an ongoing lifestyle which demonstrates that you truly have been called by God to lead His people.

Fifth, at the end of your studies with the Christian Life School of Ministry your pastor/mentor/adviser will be asked to give their insight and approval for your ordination.